Quick tips for raising a puppy


If you are thinking about raising a dog must know some basic rules to educate your little puppy. For example, you need to be consistent in the rules, the dog learns by repetition and if every day you change the rules you will not educate well your dog.

6 tips for raising your puppy:

  •    Read and learn about the characteristics of the breed you are going to buy or adopt.
  •    Do not change the rules, the rules of your little pup will be the standards of your future best friend.
  •    Do not be afraid of discipline and order. But do not confuse these terms with fear and abuse.
  •    Educating your puppy takes time, be patient and you will succeed.
  •    Exercise your puppy and give him space.
  •    Your pet is part of your family now, so love him because he is already loving you.

The image of this article, taken from the website of Facebook, felicianofilho.cps shows an illustrative picture of the movements made by our dog and its meaning, it represents the importance of knowing the signs of your pet because it is their way of expressing and you have to know perfectly, because he also works hard every day to make you feel better.

We also recommend that you consider how much space you can offer your pet in order to choose the best breed of dog.

And above all, try to adopt, visit animals shelters , don’t be prejudiced, they are looking for a home and want love.



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