How does it work?

Meperdi pendants are sold individually, the package consists of:
  • 1 Meperdi pendant
  • 1 PIN
  • 3 Easy installation steps
Once you have acquired our pendant, open the package and find the PIN number inside, this will help you record your pet uniquely.
Enter and register as a new pet owner, if you have more than one pet and you bought several pendants, this will be very useful, as you will only have to fill in the information of the new pet.
After registration, enter the name of the pet, the ID number printed on the back of the pendant and the PIN.
And that’s it, your pet will have a page like this:

The application allows you to copy and send this web address where you want. If you have lost your pet, you can use it to place your ad in virtual social networks, so photos and other information will appear here, such as your contact information, name of the pet, breed, etc. ..
It is like a typical printed sign pasted on lampposts or walls around the area where the animal was last seen, but in an online format and with more coverage.
Here we explain better its functioning: