Tips to keep your pet


A pet is a beloved member of our family and his presence fills the house with joy. So, in case you miss him, the desperation appears and no one knows where to look, especially if it is a friendly dog we have bred. To avoid this sort of situation occurs, we will give you some tips to keep your pet.

  • Teach the dog since childhood the way home and respects your orders.
  • Take the dog for a walk every day, so he will know he has some freedoms.
  • Put the dog a chip and a collar with his name.
  • Keep him always in your sight when you are in the street.
  • In case you lost him, you must first look around the house and then in kennels.
  • A good idea is to spay or neuter your pets so that they will not want to escape when they are in heat.
  • Do not give information of your pet to any stranger.
  • Save a picture of your dog.
  • If you are traveling the pet must be cared for by a professional.
  • If you go for a walk with your dog and you walk into a store, do not leave him tied outside since you expose it to theft.
  • You can also use a new tool, it is Meperdí, a geolocation device to quickly find your pet. It is a pendant that is placed on the collar of the pet, and it reveals the owner data, the name of the pet and veterinary data. When the pet is found, you just need to enter, place the identification number, and then contact the owner. The pendant has an NFC chip, so if the finder has a phone with NFC, the information will instantly appear just by approaching the smartphone to the pendant.