¿What is MEPERDÍ?

Meperdí lets you easily find the owner of a lost pet.

Its operation is very simple: it is a pendant that is annealed to the collar of the pet. The rigid material is waterproof and resistant to the attacks of the pet itself, as well as inclement weather.

When a lost pet is found, and it has a Meperdi Pendant, you just need to enter meperdi.es and place the identification number on the device to get information of the animal and its owner, so you can make a phone call and inform the owner.

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One of the greatest advantages of Meperdi system is that it has an NFC chip. If you have a phone with NFC, you just have to approach the terminal to the pendant to see the pet information directly displayed. No need to enter any code, not even open the browser.

We also have a QR code to identify the pet, in case of not having a smartphone with NFC technology.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact in info@meperdi.es