Holidays with your pet


Summer holidays, heat and journeys are factors that can affect your pet’s routine.

This may be the perfect summer if you have planned a dream vacation. Now comes the dilemma: if you bring your pet or not.


You can plan your trip through websites specialized in hotels that allow dogs and cats so you can enjoy your vacation with your pet, and keep in mind that your pet must travel with its security measures in cars or public transports.

You can also choose a pet hotel or residence where he will receive all the care he needs and you can leave on a trip without worries.

And, for those who are not lucky enough to have a vacation this summer, remember properly hydrate your pet, walk him for shady locations, avoid the heat hours of the day and, if you are thinking about a beach getaway, remember there are pets-allowed beaches where you can enjoy a refreshing swim, and if there is a river near your location you can take him to enjoy an evening stroll with your pet (careful not to fall).

And very important! Remember to keep fresh, clean water available to your pet, especially in summer.